Mission Statement:
IKONIK is a clothing brand that provides eye-catching apparel at an affordable price, all while maintaining it's premium quality. Our goal is to create a recognizable and consistent brand image. At IKONIK, our mission is to encourage today's generation to be unique. We strive to break social norms, promote acceptance, and influence self-expression.

Living IKONIK is a culture movement set out to change this generation's social norms. In this day and age, differentiation is seen as strange. Looking different is considered wrong; Acting different is considered wrong; Thinking different is considered wrong; Being different is considered wrong. At IKONIK we encourage everyone to look, act, think and be different! We strive to create a culture where everyone has the opportunity to feel unique without being ostracized. IKONIK hopes to be an influential example of self-expression in what ever way you see fit. This is our vision of the future. This is what it means to Live IKONIK.